Who is Going Solar

A sampling of the 2012 Solarize Newburyport participants:

Sam Merabi
Portside Family Dental on Brown Square
7.8KW SunPower Solar Electric system

“This is a great opportunity to save on a premium solar installation where the work of getting a good provider and price was already done for me by the program here in Newburyport. As a healthcare provider I feel good about reducing my carbon output and I feel very proud that Portside Family Dental can be a leader in this community effort.” –Sam A. Merabi DMD, MPH

The Pang Family
Hunter Drive
5kW Solar Electric system

“Its good for the environment AND we save money!”

Joe and Beth Buschini
Winter Street
5kW Solar Electric system

“For the past few years we’ve been considering solar power, not only for its economic benefits, but also out of environmental concerns. Solarize Newburyport has made it very easy to move forward with our plans.”

The Ibrahim Family
Prospect Street
6kW Solar Electric system

“We found the Solarize Newburyport Project a great way to get a fantastic price on a high quality photo-voltaic solar system. We love the thought of being able to generate our own electricity from good ole sunshine with no carbon output or other pollutants. Also, being able to generate our own power also means money saved in the long run. Its a great combination of environmental savings and financial savings”

Ray Pritchard
Bartlett Drive
6kW Solar Electric system

“Going solar makes sense now in many ways, and it will make even more sense in the future. My installation is one of the safest investments I can make.”